ikkuna2Welcome to the website of Steuerberatung Sari Trosien

What is Steuerberatung Sari M. Trosien?

Steuerberatung Trosien is a Finnish-German tax consulting office which is founded in 2004. The office is located nearby Frankfurt am Main, in the center of European’s economy. Our company offers accounting services for enterprises and private persons. The strength of our company is the knowlegde in Germany’s and Finland’s tax legislation.

Our fundamental services for enterprises are financial administration, payroll computation and tax consulting. Also for private persons we offer tax consulting, such as income tax planning, income tax declaration and tax consulting regarding inheritance and generational change.

’The strength of our company is the knowlegde in Germany’s and Finland’s tax legislation.’

We offer our services especially for the following quarters:
- the German subsidiaries of Finnish enterprises
- the German enterprises who operate in Finland
- the Finnish private persons who live in Germany or are planning to move in Germany
- the German private persons who are working and/or living in Finland


Who is Sari Trosien?

sarivirallinenroundI was born in Tuusula, in Southern Finland. My studies with economy started in Helsinki 1985. I continued my studies in the J.W. von Goethe University in Frankfurt. I gratuated in 1994 and after that I have specialiced particularly in German taxation and auditing.

 After ten years of work experience I passed the examination for tax consulting qualification. In the autumn 2004 I decided to establish my own business, Steuerberatung Sari M. Trosien. My company is turning ten years soon and it is located in Wehrheim, approximately 25 kilometers in the north from Frankfurt. At this moment my company has around ten employees.

You can contact us easily by phone or email:
phone: +49 6081 – 576 99 50

We look forward to hearing from you soon!